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Our System

Typically, we use two detection methods, optical and hydroacustic

is a complete solution for 24/7 monitoring of fish migration on rivers, lakes and watercourses, without restricting their freedom of movement or introducing stress factors.

It is easy to installwithout the need for costly structures.

Use of two detection methods allows the system to operate independently of the water clerity.

Safe for the environment


Automatic system

Capable of 24/7 detection

RealTime operation

Real-time operation with application

Information recorded by the system

  • Number of fish passing in the right and left directions

  • Aproximate Speed of movement of each fish in both directions

  • Aproximate Length of passing fish

  • Approximate height of the passing fish

  • Water temperature and level

  • Films and photos of passing fish

Main features of the HSMR system:

  • Can be installed anywhere without the need for costly structures

  • No need to restrict the freedom of movement of fish

  • The hydroacoustic system works autonomously in parallel with the optical camera

  • High detection rate of small fish

  • System operation can be not depend on water clarity (acoustic)

  • Adapted to your location for the best functionality

  • Easy app for real-time and online management

Service and support

  • Technical Support
  • Local and fast service
  • Possibility to calibrate the system and adjust the system to local environmental conditions
  • Assistance in preparing reports
  • Data backup
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